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Web blogging is one of the hottest technologies on the internet right now. It combines the power of a content management system, and the human touch of a daily diary, all in one massive online community format. A webblog allows one person to start the conversation, and the whole company to unite and comment. It's even developed into online photo sharing communities, file sharing sites, and more.

Your blogging solution is great. There's a weird sense of freedom that comes along with being able to have a voice like that on the internet. It's certainly the most killer part of my website." -Ashley Koblun

  • Content updatable from any browser
  • Can be modified to fit the look and feel of any site
  • Favorite among self employed writers, artists

Keeping an online diary can work for any business. Web blogs are one of the cheapest forms of PR available, and they work for internal collaboration, too. Great for keeping your clients and partners informed, and more personable than a press release. Find out how you can humanize your company's image.

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