Custom Support

Application baby-sitting

Now that's custom open source application support by Thinkweb media

Open source applications still need someone to look after them. Hundreds of quality, open source applications exist for free download on the internet. If you're considering implementing an open source application for business use, you need support.

We'll provide you with a guaranteed response time, fixed costs, and a complimentary amount of support hours per month. Support contracts are available on a 6 month incremental basis.

I initially thought the Custom Support option from Thinkweb Media was just another bill to pay - until they started informing me of an open source application I was running that needed to be patched with the latest security fixes. It's too bad some of my counterparts never knew about this service - some of them have been hacked or are out of business." -Michael Dolfaine

  • Wide range of supported applications
  • Security Patching for open source applications
  • Guaranteed response times for problems
  • Rollover of unused time

View our full list of supported applications.

Experience true peace of mind with our award winning ThinkCare Support. Thinkweb Media works within your budget and your timeline to give you a customized level of support for your project or application. Contact us now to see what we can do for you.

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